Day 147 – 27th May – Go with God

Day 147 20180527

When you leave the ranch the exit side of the entrance is different and expresses the message above ‘Vaya con Dios’. It translates as “Go With God” or “May God Go With You”. It’s a nice expression and as a Christian is something that is always a good reminder. Leaving the ranch can be a little sad. True most people come back, but even still, because it’s such a great place to spend time it’s easy to focus on how different the life you’re returning to is likely to be and that it might not be as enjoyable. This helps me to remember that God is there through the fun times and the less entertaining ones.

Day 144 – 24th May – Peak Performance

Day 144 20180524

As well as riding there are daily walks organised at the ranch for those who want to do something different or aren’t riders. Each is different, but one that I’ve been meaning to do for a while is the walk up to the top of one of the local mountains. Panther Peak is one of the two peaks the local road is named after. (Yes, Twin Peaks Road!) As you can see the view is stunning and you can see for miles. It was a hard going walk, especially in the heat and I did need to rest for a bit once completed, as did everyone. However I’m glad I’ve done it and it’s another ranch activity knocked off my list.

Day 141 – 21st May – Double Figures

Day 141 20180521

So I’m back at the ranch (favourite holiday location) and I’m now officially into double figures for visits. First task on the first riding day is to collect my new pin badge for the visit. I’ve always felt it was a nice touch that the ranch did these for people to be able to track their visits. Not only is it useful at the ranch but it’s a nice added memento.