Day 254 – 11th September – A sticky moment

Day 254 20180911

So I’m working away at my desk and suddenly I notice a load of gunk (technical description there) on it and I’m baffled at where it has come from. So I clean it up and carry on. I step away and on my return notice a load more. Only then do I look a bit more closely and notice that the wrist rest I have had for the last 6 years has split and is now leaking it’s gel everywhere. Whats more, it’s all up my arms. This stuff isn’t pleasant and it’s now taking a lot of time to clear up as there is quite a sticky residue and the kitchen scourer is only doing so much. In the end I did manage to get it all off my desk (and arm) and have binned the offending item. Thankfully there was a spare in stock that was intact so I haven’t had to go without.