Day 205 – July 24th – London Calling

Day 205 20180724

I had a rare trip to London today for a training course. It was good to get a break from the office, even though it meant starting an hour earlier to get there. The course was good too and it will give me some ideas of other areas I could move into subject to a job being available. It was also an opportunity to meet up with some good friends made on a recent holiday and that was a fun evening and a nice way to finish the day.

Day 74 – March 15th – A New Kind of Office

Day 74 20180315.jpg

This may not look like and office chair, but for the day it will be. Work is closed for the day and we’ve all been told that we need to work from home. With the internet that is more than possible on the odd occasion. I know that in theory I should work at a desk, but as I only use a laptop at home and 99% of the time (probably more) I do so from this (or similar) seat, I figured that it would make a good office chair for the day. It was certainly more comfortable than the usual one!

Day 66 – March 7th – Further Guidance

Day 66 20180307

We had a new person start in the office this week and I was asked to make sure the desk had everything it should do. (It’s always amazing what walks off of a desk never to be seen again). One item that I had to get was a calculator. What surprised me, given that this was a standard calculator (no functions, graphs or anything flashy), it came with an user guide. Now maybe I’m the only one, but when presented with a basic calculator I don’t think a user guide is really needed.

Day 58 – 27th February – Alternative forms of transport

day 58 20180227

Snow has arrived and for once a significant amount. I live on a hill and I wasn’t prepared to drive to work as I wasn’t sure if I’d either stop at the bottom of the hill or get back up at the end of the day, so I took a train to work instead. Walking past the green I noticed the above. Someone had clearly been short of a sled and had decided to improvise. At what time of day (or night) I don’t know as it was quite early when I headed to the station.

Day 44 – 13th February – Shrove Tuesday

day 44 20180213

One of my work colleagues enjoys cooking and baking. This makes the office a very sweet place to work, literally. Cakes for various events often appear. There is also a tradition that has started, and that is, on Shrove Tuesday, we are treated to Semla. For those who don’t know, this is what is eaten on Shrove Tuesday in Sweden and other countries.

Day 24 – 24th January – Suit Up

day 24 20180124

Fallen behind a bit for reasons that hopefully will be obvious from this and a couple of other catch up posts. Time to get back on track. OK, so I’m using a Barney phrase, but it matches the picture. Interview tomorrow and this is the suit for it. Nothing new, I’ve had it a number of years but with the way of office work now-a-days I don’t wear it on a daily basis which is why it’s lasted. People who see it still seem to feel it looks smart which is all I want from it.

Day 2 – 2nd January – Back to Work

day 02 20180102

Like most people, today was my first day of work for 2018. Today’s photo is therefore my work space. I suspect, and hope, that this will be the only work photo that appears in the blog, but given it is the first working day it did feel that it was the right photo.

Some of the Christmas decorations are still up, and I have a constant reminder of the ranch holidays with one of my photos as the desk top. Other than that, its a fairly normal space to work in.