Day 354 – 20th December – Rescue Mission

Day 354 20181220

It was noticed that one of the plants at work had been sufffering and looked like it was dying. On checking it, the lack of root system showed that the main plant had died away and the offshoots were starting to die from the stem upwards. I brought them home and have split off all the offshoots and planted them out. Hopefully at least a few will root and start to grow.

Day 352 – 18th December – Old style error messages

Day 352 20181218

Our computer systems crashed at work today. The outage was only for a few hours, but it did enable this rather amusing error message to be flagged up. I love the idea that a floppy would still be used in this era. I suppose there may be some older systems out there that using them, but they must be few and far between. It has left me I wondering what other automatic messages may still be in networks waiting to pop up.

Day 327 – 23rd November – Stone but no sticks

Day 327 20181123

Work places can have unusual events happen wherever you work, I think that’s something everyone can agree on. Somewhat strange today was the arrival of 3 pebbles. I say pebbles as I feel they look more like they have come from the local beach rather than the countryside. They had actually been left on the staircase but moved here as they were considered less dangerous. No one at work has any idea why they were left there and they will remain one more work place mystery. However it won’t be one I’ll worry about.

Day 275 – 2nd October – Passive Agressive Plants

Day 275 20181002

The occasional (twice in a year) stall selling houseplants was set up today at work. I decided to opt for a couple of plants for the desk that can’t be overwatered as both survive in very wet situtions. (Something I wasn’t aware of for the Venus Fly Trap until I read the care guide). It’s been pointed that that there is an element of the passive agressive in the choice of plants and I’ve also noticed that the pots are opposites as well. Hopefully they will thrive in thier new environment. The Venus Fly Trap may also help with some of the bugs in the office too.


Day 254 – 11th September – A sticky moment

Day 254 20180911

So I’m working away at my desk and suddenly I notice a load of gunk (technical description there) on it and I’m baffled at where it has come from. So I clean it up and carry on. I step away and on my return notice a load more. Only then do I look a bit more closely and notice that the wrist rest I have had for the last 6 years has split and is now leaking it’s gel everywhere. Whats more, it’s all up my arms. This stuff isn’t pleasant and it’s now taking a lot of time to clear up as there is quite a sticky residue and the kitchen scourer is only doing so much. In the end I did manage to get it all off my desk (and arm) and have binned the offending item. Thankfully there was a spare in stock that was intact so I haven’t had to go without.

Day 247 – 4th September – Safely does it

Day 247 20180904

I’ve been on a course for the last 4 working days. That in itself is a rarity, but as the new Health and Safety representative for the division I work for, it was essential. It was a good course and despite doign some Health and Safety for my church there were things to learn. At times it was quite intensive, especially with some of the case studies covered and it had an exam to it, and a practical assessment to be submitted in two weeks time.

Day 207 – 26th July – Chill Out Time

Day 207 20180726

We are officially now in a heat wave and the temperature (into the 30s) and the humidity have been making things unpleasant, especially at work were air con isn’t allowed due to the building being listed. As a result I have fallen back on an old ranch trick to stay cool. Soaking a bandana in cold water I’m wrapping it around my wrist and letting it cool the blood. It does work (for me anyway) and within about 30 mins I’m finding that I’m not feeling so hot.

Day 205 – July 24th – London Calling

Day 205 20180724

I had a rare trip to London today for a training course. It was good to get a break from the office, even though it meant starting an hour earlier to get there. The course was good too and it will give me some ideas of other areas I could move into subject to a job being available. It was also an opportunity to meet up with some good friends made on a recent holiday and that was a fun evening and a nice way to finish the day.

Day 74 – March 15th – A New Kind of Office

Day 74 20180315.jpg

This may not look like and office chair, but for the day it will be. Work is closed for the day and we’ve all been told that we need to work from home. With the internet that is more than possible on the odd occasion. I know that in theory I should work at a desk, but as I only use a laptop at home and 99% of the time (probably more) I do so from this (or similar) seat, I figured that it would make a good office chair for the day. It was certainly more comfortable than the usual one!

Day 66 – March 7th – Further Guidance

Day 66 20180307

We had a new person start in the office this week and I was asked to make sure the desk had everything it should do. (It’s always amazing what walks off of a desk never to be seen again). One item that I had to get was a calculator. What surprised me, given that this was a standard calculator (no functions, graphs or anything flashy), it came with an user guide. Now maybe I’m the only one, but when presented with a basic calculator I don’t think a user guide is really needed.