Day 268 – 25th September – You have 14 seconds to comply

Day 268 20180925

I’m now back at the ranch that I have visited a number of time, White Stallion Ranch, and have been able to do what I consider one of the highlight activities of the week, team penning. In a group of 4 friends we had some wonderful runs and I was allowed to cut a number of times as others didn’t want to. We were lucky enough to have a totally blistering run and managed to pen the cattle in 14 seconds from the time we got to them. It’s not quite my fastest time, that being 13 seconds but everyone was delighted with such a wonderfully quick time. We don’t get to keep the trophy as it was donated by a guest for photo opportunities, but it was nice to have been winners.


Day 153 – 2nd June – And the winner is…

Day 153 20180602

It was my local church’s summer fete today. I don’t worship there, but given I live next door to the vicar and we chat from time to time. Therefore I will pop in and support it’s events. It’s quite an important place given it’s age and there is even mention of it in the Doomsday books. In the tombola I got lucky and won the above by having a ticket ending in a zero. Quite what I will do with make-up remover I’m not sure. I suspect it will become a gift in turn.

Day 71 – March 12th – Winning Numbers

Day 71 20180312

Sadly I haven’t won the jackpot on the lottery, but I have had a win. I was purchased some premium bonds a few months ago and March was the first draw. (For those who don’t know, in the UK premium bonds are a non-interest earning investment. Each bond purchase instead provides a number in a monthly draw with a range of financial prizes, the maximum being £1,000,000). It’s been a while since I had any and since I had only just got them I wasn’t expecting a win. I know that doesn’t make sense given all numbers have an equal chance, but it’s just a mindset. Before anyone gets too excited, I only won one of the lowest prizes available (£25) but a few more of them and suddenly, given the current interest rates, it’s not too bad an investment.