Day 162 – 11th June – Stem Subject

Day 162 20180611

I decided to start using some different wine glasses today. There is nothing particularly wrong with the ones I have but I has some stemless ones that I had bought some time ago for other drinks and not really used much. I quite like them as they are a little more robust than the other ones and not so easy to knock over. I’m sure that the purists will feel that the glass can’t be held the right way, or that the shape of the glass with a flat end will have an effect of the taste. At the end of the day though, I’m not a purist and these glasses are probably better to use outside as they won’t break so easily.


Day 75 – March 16th – Chairs for Cheers

Day 75 20180316

It’s the end of what has been quite a draining week. There has been lots of stuff going on and by the time I got home on Friday I was ready to relax. For the first time this year there was still enough warmth in the day (admittedly with a jumper and jacket on) to get a garden chair out, sit and watch the sun go down while enjoying a glass of wine. I’m hopeful that this will not be the last time I’m sitting out enjoying the weather!