Day 98 – 8th April – Connecting the Parts (pt2)

Day 98 20180408

Despite some inclement weather today (light rain for most of the late afternoon), I’ve managed to get the second new top frame up and connected to the grapevine arches. There are still a couple of small things to do for it to be totally finalised, but the important parts are now complete. The remainder will have to wait for better weather. Hopefully this will mean that I don’t need to work on this part of the garden for a number of years.


Day 77 – March 18th – Pawprints

Day 77 20180318

There was more snow overnight but once it had stopped it was clearly play time for others. I’m not an expect on who’s prints these are, but given the visitors I know I have to the garden they are likely to be either squirrels or foxes. Given the foxes often come out and play at night and the number of them I’m leaning towards them rather than the squirrels, but whatever they were, they were clearly having a lot of fun.

Day 76 – March 17th – Footprints

Day 76 20180317

Having had a weekend off walking last week, I was back on the footpaths and bridleways today. It was odd weather as I started the walk with everything green and finished the walk with everything white. Part way through the walk, on a very much lesser trodden path, I looked back and saw the above. They are my own, obviously, but it reminded me of the ‘Footprints’ story of the person asking God why during their times of trouble there were only one set of prints.

Day 75 – March 16th – Chairs for Cheers

Day 75 20180316

It’s the end of what has been quite a draining week. There has been lots of stuff going on and by the time I got home on Friday I was ready to relax. For the first time this year there was still enough warmth in the day (admittedly with a jumper and jacket on) to get a garden chair out, sit and watch the sun go down while enjoying a glass of wine. I’m hopeful that this will not be the last time I’m sitting out enjoying the weather!

Day 62 – 3rd March – Between two worlds

Day 62 20180303

Once again it’s the weekend and a lot of the snow is vanishing so I decided to head out on a long walk as it was forecast to be dry, if chilly. There were some good views to be had with snow still in a few places, at least at the start of the day. Along the South Downs Way I came across this marker on the the track, showing where the Meridian Line goes through the South Down Way. With one foot either side I could genuinely say that I was between two worlds, well hemispheres.

Day 61 – 2nd March – A chilly oasis

Day 61 20180302

The weather has been unusually cold of late as previous posts have indicated. When I check on my water feature there was probably about 4 or 5 inches of ice. There have been reports of canals and areas of the sea frozen. So unsurprisingly the village duck pond was frozen too. There was however a small oasis for the ducks and other water fowl to have a dip in, chilly as it may have been.

Day 60 – 1st March – A right pair

day 60 20180301

With all the walking I’m doing at lunchtime, in the cold weather my normal work socks haven’t really been warm enough. I’ve therefore had to revert to my ski socks to ensure that I don’t get cold feet as a result of my strolls. I’ve a variety but with all the snow that has fallen recently I thought that these ones would be the most suitable for the conditions!