Day 278 – 5th October – Paper Brick Maker

Day 278 20181005

I’ve had a couple of buckets of shredded bills and other items soaking for a while now and it’s time to turn these into something that serves a purpose. I have a paper brick maker that I use to make bricks from old bills etc. They then get dried in the greenhouse and used as fuel for fires. They will burn for about 2 hours which isn’t too bad. Personally I quite like the fact that I’m send my old bills up in flames in a quite literal way. I’ve got quite a few now, but they get used on a number of occasions throughout the year and its quite possible that some will still get used this year as well.


Day 94 – 4th April – Excess Waste

Day 94 20180404

I’ve now finished and placed out all the new raised beds. I do though seem to have made a miscalculation in the number of bin liners I needed to line the insides of them. I have two completely unused rolls of bags (and a partly used roll that isn’t in the photo). Thankfully with something like these, I’ll always be able to use them up as time goes past.

Day 22 – 22nd January – Split Decision

day 22 20180122

Sometimes when things aren’t going well, then even the simplest thing will go wrong as today’s photo demonstrates. All I wanted was a vitamin etc boost drink. The powder in a sachet sort that you just have to add water too. The ones I use come as two sachets joined together but with perforations. However as can be seen, they didn’t seem to work well on this pack when I split them in two, and unfortunately the tear that managed to split open the pack was at the bottom rather than the top. With the button yesterday and this today, I’m getting nervous about tomorrow!

Day 3 – 3rd January – Packing Problems

day 3 20180103

This is not the photo I planned, but then surprise can be a good thing. On this occasion it’s both a good thing and a bad thing.

I’d ordered a new adapter and as you can see from the picture, it’s not a big cable, however the box that it arrived is was so much larger than it needed to be. This could have been delivered in a padded envelope rather than a parcel box that could have probable held about 200 cables rather than one. There wasn’t even any padding inside the box to take up some of the space.

Its not the first time I’ve had oversized packages compared to what is inside, but this is one of the more extreme cases. I do find it a bit of a waste this sort of packaging. Both in paper and in time as I’ve had to collect it from the post office. Lets just hope that after all this, the cable works!