Day 141 – 21st May – Double Figures

Day 141 20180521

So I’m back at the ranch (favourite holiday location) and I’m now officially into double figures for visits. First task on the first riding day is to collect my new pin badge for the visit. I’ve always felt it was a nice touch that the ranch did these for people to be able to track their visits. Not only is it useful at the ranch but it’s a nice added memento.

Day 140 – 20th May – Bird is the Word

Day 140 20180520

Time for me to head off on holiday and given the flight to the west coast of the US will be taking up a large chunk of the day, there can really only be one photo. This was my plane for the day and it was thankfully quite a quiet flight with plenty of space to spread out. Watched some films I’d missed at the cinema and caught a bit of sleep. For an economy flight it was as pleasant and spacious as one could ask for.