Day 289 – 16th October – Upgrading

Day 289 20181016

I had a first today, and at my age, firsts are not that common! I often book holiday flights to the ranch quite early on so that I can get the best deal in terms of using air miles. Given my chosen airline often has only four seats available with air miles per flight, it can be a ‘rush to the departure gate’ as it were to get in there before they are taken. This time I decided to look at something slightly different and noticed that with the Premium Economy flight home the difference was only an extra £70 and some extra air miles. Given how badly I had slept on the way home last time I thought I would take the plunge. I’ve also had to pay to reserve the seat given how few there were on the flight, but that still brings the total to less than paying full price in Economy both ways. While it’s a while off I’m looking forward to experiencing the difference.

Day 9 – 9th January – Ring Ring

day 9 20180109

I have, after far too many years, invested in a new mobile phone. Part of the reason was that although it was a good phone and still worked fine, the apps that I had on it were becoming unusable due to an older OS. It’s taken a while to set up and I’m still getting used to it. However I’m happy with it thus far!