Day 240 – 28th August – Changes

Day 240 20180828

I’ve got a flight booked for next year (yes that’s very early to have one booked but it was an airmiles offer and I had to book early to ensure I got the deal. Today it got changed three times in the space of half an hour. I was quite surprised to check my email and see all these changes lined up next to each other, and a little concerned. In the end I was happy with the changes that were made given the cancellation of the flight I was booked on (the routes are now being shared between two airlines of the same alliance rather than just one). The funniest bit for me though was seeing that I had been moved from a cancelled flight onto another one, then from that one back to a cancelled flight (and finally onto flight that was actually running!

Day 232 – 20th August – Are you my driver?

Day 232 20180820

This morning started like any other morning. Woke up, had a coffee, did the usual stuff that one does in the morning that I will spare you the details of! I loaded the car up with what I normally take to work, locked the front door and got into the driver’s seat. It was at this point I was suddenly knocked out of my ‘every day routine mode’ as suspended right in front of me, at head height, no more than a foot away from my face was a spider. Thankfully I’m not worried about spiders, at least of this size so there was no sprinting out of the car and I had time to appreciate the wonderful web that it had built over night. The photo doesn’t really show it very well but you can see it better at the bottom half of the picture against the darker background. After a quick check with the spider that it didn’t have the required insurance to drive me to work, the spider left the car, the web was cleared away and I headed off to work, back into the normal daily routine.

Day 222 – 10th August – Rattle and Hmmm.

Day 222 20180810

I had one of those moments today. You know the ones. The ones where you hang your head and think ‘Oh no’. So I’m driving home from work and all of a sudden the car is making a really bad noise, and I mean really bad. From inside and from my experience, it sounds as if half the car is hanging off. I even take a few seconds to kneel in torrential rain and can see something massive hanging down, but it’s awful weather and I’m not going to kneel in a puddle for long. The garage across the road are kind and put the car on a ramp and much to my relief it wasn’t part of the car but a big part of a tree. Big enough to stretch the width of the car. Even the mechanic who put the car on the ramp admitted it sounded awful. I felt a bit foolish, but then given how it was stuck I doubt I’d have been able to get it out without a ramp. I can only assume I picked it up in one of the flooded areas of roadway at work.

Day 212 – July 31st – Getting to the points

Day 212 20180731

I’ve decided that it is about time that I do what a large number of people do, and that’s to take advantage of the rules that various credit card companies have in relation to starter offers to earn air miles. To that effect I’ve ordered a new credit card which will give me a good boost to my air miles and help pay for further flights. I got the idea from another website called Head For Points, and I’d recommend anyone to use it. It provides information for lots of reward schemes, not just the BA one. The other reason is that the cards I normally use have just stopped being part of a scheme, so I was, as they say, in the market for it as well.

(I would like to point out that I am not endorsing this card, nor am I recommending it as a form of finance. I am not a financial broker and am simply stating what I have done. With all financial dealings I would recommend speaking to a professional).

(As a post script, this way of accumulating airmiles has changed significantly since it’s original posting).

Day 165 – 14th June – New Horizons

Day 165 20180614

I plan my holidays quite a time in advance to get the best deal on flights and to get reward flights that only tend to be available in the first weeks of a flight going on sale. When traveling to the USA I’ll often take an extra day to help adjust to the jet lag, but also use it as an opportunity to visit friends. I’m branching out to a new city this time and going to Seattle. Given the short time frame of the visit I’m not going to see a lot but I’ll have the equivalent of an afternoon and evening so should be able to visit some stuff with my friend.

Day 140 – 20th May – Bird is the Word

Day 140 20180520

Time for me to head off on holiday and given the flight to the west coast of the US will be taking up a large chunk of the day, there can really only be one photo. This was my plane for the day and it was thankfully quite a quiet flight with plenty of space to spread out. Watched some films I’d missed at the cinema and caught a bit of sleep. For an economy flight it was as pleasant and spacious as one could ask for.

Day 101 – 11th April – Something’s Missing

Day 101 20180411

I have a key unexpectedly missing from my key chain. Totally out of the blue I’ve had to put my car in for repairs after make an odd noise at certain (but not all) speeds. Thankfully they don’t think that it is anything serious as the initial report is that it is just new brake pads, though there always is that nervousness. I could have brought the car back tonight and dropped it off again tomorrow morning but didn’t think it worth it. It’s been an odd feeling though today, walking around with a set of keys with the largest one missing. The key chain feels wrong because of it. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be restored to normal order.

Day 64 – 5th March – Mind the gap

Day 64 20180305

I never thought I would ever do a blog post about the cap of the screen wash in a car engine, but here we are! With all the salting on the roads recently I’ve got through a lot of screen-wash and needed to refill. Popping the cap off it managed to jump from my hand and fall down into the engine. Thankfully it didn’t get stuck anywhere and went down to the under-tray, but it was still a trip to a garage to get it retrieved! A minor problem I know but it wasn’t what I needed at the end of the day.

Day 58 – 27th February – Alternative forms of transport

day 58 20180227

Snow has arrived and for once a significant amount. I live on a hill and I wasn’t prepared to drive to work as I wasn’t sure if I’d either stop at the bottom of the hill or get back up at the end of the day, so I took a train to work instead. Walking past the green I noticed the above. Someone had clearly been short of a sled and had decided to improvise. At what time of day (or night) I don’t know as it was quite early when I headed to the station.

Day 57 – 26th February – Surprising Changes

day 57 20180226

I’m not sure why, but I decided to have a look at the flights for a trip I’m taking later in the year. It wasn’t my first choice of timing, but when booking I didn’t have any option, it was the only flight available. It meant that I would be arriving quite late in the day and would miss both dinner and meeting friends to the following day. To my amazement an earlier flight had been put on and more surprising, despite, or maybe because, I had paid with points, I was able to switch to the earlier flight at a cost less than a seat reservation! Subject to an on-time arrival I should now arrive in time for dinner and a catch up with friends on the day or arrival.