Day 247 – 4th September – Safely does it

Day 247 20180904

I’ve been on a course for the last 4 working days. That in itself is a rarity, but as the new Health and Safety representative for the division I work for, it was essential. It was a good course and despite doign some Health and Safety for my church there were things to learn. At times it was quite intensive, especially with some of the case studies covered and it had an exam to it, and a practical assessment to be submitted in two weeks time.

Day 205 – July 24th – London Calling

Day 205 20180724

I had a rare trip to London today for a training course. It was good to get a break from the office, even though it meant starting an hour earlier to get there. The course was good too and it will give me some ideas of other areas I could move into subject to a job being available. It was also an opportunity to meet up with some good friends made on a recent holiday and that was a fun evening and a nice way to finish the day.