Day 304 – 31st October – A Jar and a Half

Day 304 20181031

After work today I spent a lot of time slicing. Having sliced onions and tomoatoes yesterday, (these had to rest overnight), it was a case of slicing apple and saltanas. In many respects I was glad I was only doing half the amount as 250g of saltanas is a lot of them to cut up! There was probably a quicker way, but I couldn’t think of it off the top of my head. What did amaze me was how much all the produce reduced down. At one point I was sure I would end up with 3 jars of tomato chutney, but in the end it’s only a jar and a half, all be it 1 litre jars. Once everything has cooled down later tonight they will be stored and allowed to stand for a few weeks and then I’ll give it a try and then I’ll know if I’ll do this more often or if it will be my first and last time.


Day 231 – 19th August -Green for Red

Day 231 20180819

I’ve had my first harvest from the greenhouse. I only have my tomatoes and peppers/chillies in there and while it was probably a close run thing as to which would go red first, it was the tomatoes that won the race. So far it’s just these three but there are plenty more to come. Likewise I’ll have a number of peppers/chillies to harvest as well soon but they were still green. Both have to move from green to red which thankfully I can spot despite the colourblind issue. Last year I made a load of tomato and chilli soup which worked very well, but I may leave that for the end of the season harvest rather than the early harvest as it’s still summer and cold tomatoes are a summer food.