Day 273 – 30th September – Washed Out

Day 273 20180930

Continuing the riviting theme of usual photos, my washing machine is a good summary of the day as having arrived home it has been busy with two weeks of clothing that need the Arizona dust washed out of them. It’s also a good metaphone for how I’m feeling as I didn’t sleep much on the transatlantic flight home due to other people on the plane. I’m feeling totally washed out which will be a combination of the end of the holiday and the jetlag. I’ve already fallen asleep twice on the sofa while doing the washloads.


Day 171 – 20th June – Sleepy Head

Day 171 20180620

I finally managed to get to go and see the new Star Wars film. It is unusual for me not to have seen it on the opening night. Waiting this long has been a bit of a demonstration of how hectic things have been recently. Since adulthood I’ve managed to see every Star Wars film on opening night. Another first was achieved today in that I fell asleep during the film! Now I’ll admit I’ve had a few bad nights recently with pollen counts being bad, but even so, for me to fall asleep during a Star Wars movie is not a good thing.