Day 99 – 9th April – It’s just a film

Day 99 20180409

As we probably all do now a days I recently ordered a DVD. It was a pre-order and today it was delivered. What shocked me was declaration sticker on it featured above. It starts quite normally but then moves onto confirming that the item isn’t dangerous etc. I appreciate that it is probably a legal form of wording for the company to cover themselves and to ensure that things go though customs quickly, however I did end up thinking ‘but this was just a DVD I ordered’.


Day 92 – 2nd April – Are you receiving me?

Day 92 20180402

ike many people, when I’m working in the garden I will have the radio on. I’ll flick between channels and depending upon where I am in the garden, it’s location will change. Sadly, due to a slamming gate, the aerial suffered a decapitation today. Thankfully it still works fine and I suspect part of that is with it being a digital radio rather than an analogue one.

Day 91 – 1st April – Unfortunate Corrections

Day 91 20180401

It’s Easter Sunday, so officially, Happy Easter. That was the message I sent to a friend of mine, however my phone decided to autocorrect for me and change it to Eastern. It’s not the unfortunate type of autocorrect that you see in the funny sections on the web though my friends response was quite amusing. I realise that the phone doesn’t ‘know’ what day it is, and is just running an algorithm, but I can’t help feel a little sad that on Easter Day the phone automatically assumes I’m not talking about Easter.

Day 70 – March 11th – Coffee Time

Day 70 20180311

I have been given an unused coffee machine that uses these capsules. I have been contemplating getting one for a while. It didn’t come in its original box but had everything, including instructions with it. Somehow within 5 minutes of getting it back home the instructions disappeared. I have managed to put it together ok but at the moment it seems to be providing less than an espresso sized cup for the large option. Hopefully once I’ve found the instructions on the internet I’ll be able to have a proper sized cup in the morning.

Day 69 – March 10th – Negative Feedback

Day 69 20180310

So I had some disappointing news. The camera shop called to let me know they had heard from the repair shop. Much to my surprise, there wasn’t even a quote for how much it would be to repair it. The above comment was the final blow, quite literally, for the camera. So the next step is to get a replacement.

Day 66 – March 7th – Further Guidance

Day 66 20180307

We had a new person start in the office this week and I was asked to make sure the desk had everything it should do. (It’s always amazing what walks off of a desk never to be seen again). One item that I had to get was a calculator. What surprised me, given that this was a standard calculator (no functions, graphs or anything flashy), it came with an user guide. Now maybe I’m the only one, but when presented with a basic calculator I don’t think a user guide is really needed.

Day 57 – 26th February – Surprising Changes

day 57 20180226

I’m not sure why, but I decided to have a look at the flights for a trip I’m taking later in the year. It wasn’t my first choice of timing, but when booking I didn’t have any option, it was the only flight available. It meant that I would be arriving quite late in the day and would miss both dinner and meeting friends to the following day. To my amazement an earlier flight had been put on and more surprising, despite, or maybe because, I had paid with points, I was able to switch to the earlier flight at a cost less than a seat reservation! Subject to an on-time arrival I should now arrive in time for dinner and a catch up with friends on the day or arrival.