Day 297 – 24th October – Blinded by the light

Day 297 20181024

On my drive to work today (and the last few days) there have been clear blue skies. This is nice apart from one hilly section where the sun is low and in such a position that it is right in your eyes. Now I will make it clear here and now that I am all for careful driving and driving with the sun in your eyes should cause you to slow down. What has amazed me while driving in is the lack of use on the sun visor that people have in their car. It makes such a difference to vision and is there for a reason other than checking you look ok or doing onces make up!


Day 286 – 13th October – Extra Time

Day 286 2018 1013

The mixed weather here is continuing. Yesterday was blowing a gale on the tennis court, today its very mild and sunny and warm enough to be sunbathing in the hammock. There are a few things to do in the garden, which I’ve done, but I’m not going to turn down what will probably be the last time to lounge in hammock. (In fact I know it will be as the hammock will be put away into the garage by the end of the weekened to protect it from the worst of the winter weather).


Day 183 – 2nd July – Outside In

Day 183 20180702

It’s been hot and dry for a long time now, unusually so. Its now reached the point that it’s too warm to even leave the more delicate potted plants in the sun outside. So as an emergency measure until plants have been passed to others, planted out or potted on, I have had to bring them inside and in watering trays. Thankfully an immediate improvement has been noticed but I suspect they will be inside for a while. The good thing is that quick action seems to have meant that I haven’t lost anything.

Day 55 – 24th February – The Sun and the Moon

day 55 20180224

So another weekend and it’s time for another long walk as part of the Walk 1000 miles challenge. I actually managed my longest one yet of almost 19 miles. I suspect that I won’t actually get into the 20s with walks I currently have planned, but maybe in the summer I’ll plan a really long walk somewhere. For the second Saturday in a row it was dry and the sun was out. Additionally towards the end of the walk, the moon also put in an appearance and it’s just about visible above the bridge and the hill in the middle of the wispy clouds. The picture does make the weather look nicer that it was as up on the hills there was a particularly strong and cold wind blowing into my face.