Day 320 – 16th November – Mind the Gap

Day 320 2018116

For quite a number of years, my sky line has not been like this. The ground starts just below the crop on this photo which might seem odd but I’m on the side of a hill and these trees start quite some distance below the level of my house. That said, until today both were above the top of my house. Now only one does and that will be reduced sometime later next year. The one that has been trimmed was actually much higher and far bushier. The result of these two trees was that even in the height of the summer when they would be in full leaf, I would loose the sun from the garden from 6pm rather than when the sun would set after 9pm. As you can imagine, that has been a frustration. Thankfully next year this will no longer be an issue and I’ll be able to enjoy what will hopefully be some long hot summer days.

Day 279 – 6th October – Doubling Up

Day 279 20181006

With the very dry summer we had this year and the speed at which the waterbutts I have ran out of water, I took the opportunity of getting a couple more. They are smaller than the two I already have, but will fit into the garden in an out of site location nicely. I also managed to double up on points with a special web offer that earnt me twice as many air miles as normal. They will be connected together and to a gutter filling waterbutt so it will be all free water as well, hopefully recovering the expense from the sprinkler this year.

Day 185 – 4th July – Cutting things out

Day 185 20180704

While the weather is remaining very dry and warm, I have chosen to try to protect the garden a bit from the extreme weather we had earlier in the year when the temperatures dropped lower than I can remember and I lost a number of plants, even though they had been overwintered in the greenhouse. First on my list is the training geraniums that I have in small wall pots. While it was easy enough to buy some replacements, it would be good if I had some growing ready as replacements if the cold weather comes again. The trailing geraniums aren’t the largest so it’s some quite small cuttings I’ve had to take, but I’m hoping that won’t make too big a difference and that maybe half of them at least will root and be viable replacements if needed next year.


Day 108 – 18th April – Short Changed

Day 108 20180418

Summer has finally arrived. Well ok it hasn’t but we are having a short period of really warm weather in the UK. In fact it’s due to get warmer than it often does in the summer months of July and August. So the shorts have come out. I’ll be doing stuff in the garden, but as it’s warm, it will be summer clothing, at least for a few days.