Day 260 – 17th September – Doubly Chilly

Day 260 20180917

I was looking up suggestions about how to freeze the chillis that I’ve harvested recently as there have been too many to eat without destroying my taste buds even more. Surprisingly one of the solutions offered was one that I had used before with a different harvest, and that was the notion of chilli ice cubes. Slightly different process as these needed to be frozen in water rather, but I now have ready made portions of chilli that I can add to future meals without much fuss.


Day 196 – 15th July – Chipboard changes

Day 196 20180715

Having successfully put up 3 sets of shelves, I couldn’t put up the remaining 3 sets without taking down or removing long standing shelving options that were either of no real use or reaching the end of their usable lifespan. There were a number of small 3 inch deep shelf units which came down in favour of shelves that were about 15 inches deep. Out came a very old bookcase (probably about 20 years old) that was falling apart in a number of areas, but given how old it was I feel I’ve had value for money from it. There was also a fibreboard shelf attached to the crossbeams of the garage. I’ve no idea what that was for unless it was to hide things from people who wouldn’t be looking very closely. It will all go to the recycling depot later in the week so even though it has no purpose now, its current situation may not be final.


Day 191 – 10th July – Storage solution

Day 191 20180710

For a long time I’ve been wanting to create more and better storage space in my garage. Its an old garage (over 40 years old) and with the exception of a few modern day cars, it’s never going to be used to keep a car as it’s too small. Even at least 15 years ago there was evidence that it was a tight space as there was carpet attached to bits of the interior wall to protect the doors. Anyway, with the good weather we’ve been having, it has given me the opportunity to empty the garage and create enough space to undertake the work needed to put up some shelving. It’s nothing special, it is, after all, a garage. However when I repeat this on a number of walls around both sides of the garage I will have created a much more usable area.


Day 78 – March 19th – Capsule Carrier

Day 78 20180319

Having been given the coffee maker, I needed somewhere I could store the capsules the thing uses. Space is at a premium in my kitchen and even more so with coffee maker added. Therefore the extra ‘deck’ space that the coffee maker needed to be used and this storage option gave the best way to be using this. It fits perfectly onto the ‘deck’ and can still rotate.