Day 254 – 11th September – A sticky moment

Day 254 20180911

So I’m working away at my desk and suddenly I notice a load of gunk (technical description there) on it and I’m baffled at where it has come from. So I clean it up and carry on. I step away and on my return notice a load more. Only then do I look a bit more closely and notice that the wrist rest I have had for the last 6 years has split and is now leaking it’s gel everywhere. Whats more, it’s all up my arms. This stuff isn’t pleasant and it’s now taking a lot of time to clear up as there is quite a sticky residue and the kitchen scourer is only doing so much. In the end I did manage to get it all off my desk (and arm) and have binned the offending item. Thankfully there was a spare in stock that was intact so I haven’t had to go without.

Day 22 – 22nd January – Split Decision

day 22 20180122

Sometimes when things aren’t going well, then even the simplest thing will go wrong as today’s photo demonstrates. All I wanted was a vitamin etc boost drink. The powder in a sachet sort that you just have to add water too. The ones I use come as two sachets joined together but with perforations. However as can be seen, they didn’t seem to work well on this pack when I split them in two, and unfortunately the tear that managed to split open the pack was at the bottom rather than the top. With the button yesterday and this today, I’m getting nervous about tomorrow!