Day 323 – 19th November – Single Snow Drop

Day 323 20181119

I moved one of my winter/spring pots out of the garage last week as I had noticed that a bulb has started to poke through. Today it the flower came and it was a snow drop. None of the other bulbs have pushed through yet, so it’s still on it’s own, but sometimes I feel that a single bulb in flower can be just as stunning to look at as a whole bunch. Others will follow I’m sure, but I think that it’s probably fair to say that with the snowdrops now coming, so is winter.

Day 31 – 31st January – Snow Dropping

day 31 20180131

The church that is next to the village pond I have a stroll around most lunches as part of the Walk 1000 Miles boots on challenge I have set myself currently has swathes of snowdrops blooming at the moment. I’ve always liked snowdrops when they appear en-masse like they do above. The biggest shame for me is that for whatever reason, I’ve never been successful in getting them to grow well at home. 2 or 3 for a year if that and then nothing. I’ll have to hope that the snowdrop I had blooming earlier manages to survive and I’ll get more in the years to come.