Day 253 – 10th September – Ring Ring Zzzz

Day 253 20180910

So I had a bit of a rude awakening today. Very rude at 1.20am!!! Someone rang me on my landline at this time. Unsurprisingly I was asleep at the time and bu the time the ringing had woken me and I had realised what was making the noise, the answerphone had kicked in and the person had hung up. To be honest all this happened very quickly as it’s only 6 rings before the answerphone kicks in. Instantly I was left wondering if something was wrong with a member of the family and the mobile was checked and there was nothing on that either. However by now I’m wide awake and struggling to get back to sleep. Thankfully everyone was ok and as the number was withheld I’ll never know who called. Hopefully it will be a one off though!

Day 171 – 20th June – Sleepy Head

Day 171 20180620

I finally managed to get to go and see the new Star Wars film. It is unusual for me not to have seen it on the opening night. Waiting this long has been a bit of a demonstration of how hectic things have been recently. Since adulthood I’ve managed to see every Star Wars film on opening night. Another first was achieved today in that I fell asleep during the film! Now I’ll admit I’ve had a few bad nights recently with pollen counts being bad, but even so, for me to fall asleep during a Star Wars movie is not a good thing.

Day 20 – 20th January – Bed Rest

day 20 20180120

Not much I can say. There are so many bugs that have been going around that I was bound to suffer eventually. This is the only photo I can possibly post as this was were I spent the day (more or less). I did at least go to the trouble to make it, so hopefully no comments about things being messy! Unfortunately they don’t even have a design that can liven up the photo! I was feeling better by the end of the day (better, but not well) so I’m hoping that this will be the only time I have to post this sort of photo!