Day 216 – 4th August – Anti Social Decisions

Day 216 20180804

Although I haven’t posted about it on this one photo per day project, I’ve previously posted about social media and how I’m not part of one of the major social media websites. I decided today that I couldn’t be bothered with the others so deactived my Twitter account too, leaving me totally social media free. (I know some do, but I don’t count Skype or WhatsApp and Word Press) as social media but as solely as communication applications). The main reason I did it was because I don’t really use it myself, and it was just a bit of a distraction from other stuff I could be getting on with. There will be some bits that I’ll miss. A few companies use Twitter very well, but that on it’s own isn’t really enough. Given how I haven’t missed Facebook in the 4 years since I came off of it, I doubt that I miss Twitter either.