Day 340 – 6th December – Let’s Play Ball

Day 340 20181206

After my disappointment for the London Baseball matches I decided to ease my woes by making sure that I was going to a ball game before the London matches take place. I’ll be visiting Seattle next year to see a friend and while I’m there, the Mariners will be playing at home. I’ve therefore snapped up a ticket (there were loads available to be fair) for one of the days I’m in town. It did also have the benefit of considerably cheaper than any of those at the London matches and in a considerably better location than the cheap seats.

Day 165 – 14th June – New Horizons

Day 165 20180614

I plan my holidays quite a time in advance to get the best deal on flights and to get reward flights that only tend to be available in the first weeks of a flight going on sale. When traveling to the USA I’ll often take an extra day to help adjust to the jet lag, but also use it as an opportunity to visit friends. I’m branching out to a new city this time and going to Seattle. Given the short time frame of the visit I’m not going to see a lot but I’ll have the equivalent of an afternoon and evening so should be able to visit some stuff with my friend.