Day 338 – 4th December – Half a Christmas Tree (if that)

Day 338 20181204

One of the non-Christmas tree decorations that I have is a series of tea-light holders that have a Christmas theme. To go with them, and to create a pleasant scent that accompanies that of a real tree, I have a number of different packs of scented tea lights. I took out one of the ‘Christmas Tree’ scent ones today and by chance it fell out of its metal jacket. I was somewhat surprised to find that the Christmas Tree colour of the candle was only at the very top. Now I appreciate that the colour and the scent are two different things, but it was still a surprise to be present with this. I could be a one off, though I doubt it, but I now wonder whether the scent is in the top half, bottom half, or all of it.


Day 19 – 19th January – Last of the Hyacinths

day 19 20180119

If I have a favourite indoor flowering bulb it’s a Hyacinth. There’s a number of reasons. They have a wonderful scent that can fill a room with just a couple of flowering bulbs. The way that the many smaller flowers manage to produce a larger ‘flower’ of a totally different shape. And finally, for me, they also have a Christmas connotation. Outdoor bulbs will be at different times of the year, but for me, flowering Hyacinths is something I’ve always liked to have in the house at Christmas and New Year. The photos is the last of the Hyacinths planted for the Christmas period. They managed to come out at different times so have lasted for a long time.