Day 251 – 8th September – A Pallet of Beer

Day 251 20180908

I decided to do a different walk to the one I had planned and decided to extend out a favourite route of mine and try some new paths that went off of it and incorporate some older paths that I hadn’t walked for quite some time. One of the country pubs that I went past had discovered what some might consider the best being of recycling going, using the old pallet to let those passing know what guest beers, ciders and stouts they were serving. Sadly this was very early on my walk, but I may be tempted to pop back another day when its on the way home instead.

Day 187 – 6th July – Ringing the changes

Day 187 20180706

With all the warm weather the barrel that I got given a while back (Day 105 – 15th April – Roll Out the Barrel for those tracking the blog) had some of the metal binding rings fall off as the wood had shrunk. I’m taking the opportunity to give it a bit of a spruce up so that it looks better. These are the mid rings that had come loose without any further encouragement after having a metal paint (I had some left over) applies and they already look a lot better. Over the next few days I plan to do the same to the top and bottom binding rings of the barrel and also to treat the wood as well. Its a small project but one that will bring a patio item new life.