Day 189 – 8th July – Over a barrel

Day 189 20180708

Well I managed to finish off the barrel today and I think it looks a whole lot better than it did back in April. Even the wood treatment that I applied to hopefully give it a longer life in the summer and winter has had a much better effect than I expected, providing a darker colour to the wood and showing up the grain in the wood a lot better. The bands have been gently hammered back into a tight position with a hammer and wood block to prevent damage to the bands, and I suspect when the rain finally does arrive it will then help keep the barrel tight. Hope I’m going to use it, I’m still not sure, possibly as a stand, a seat or a table. I will have to see if something shows up that will dictate it’s future use.


Day 105 – 15th April – Roll Out The Barrel

Day 105 20180415

While visiting my mum recently she offered me a number of items that I could use or place in the garden. One of these items was the above barrel which was in need of a bit of work. The casing bands were loose and some of the wooden struts were cracked. I’ve managed to do some basic repairs and the bands are now knocked back into a firm position. I’m not totally sure what I’ll do it in the long term, but it will make a nice addition to the patio.

Day 104 – 14th April – Micro Projects

Day 104 20180414

After a productive day in the garden I have managed to create the micro pond that I mentioned a few days ago. It evolved as the day went on and the finished product (or near finished as the bricks will be replaced in due course) is different from what I had originally envisaged. To create a nice border around it I wanted overhanging stones, of which I had a number from an old fish tank, but then they looked odd just on their own, so the gravel was introduced and while buying that I thought I would have some plants coming through (as well as bulbs that will come out later in the year). So while it isn’t what I designed, I actually like it better.

Day 100 – 10th April – Wild re-purposing

Day 100 20180410

So to celebrate getting to the 100th day of the year and the 100th picture and comment for the year I am sure something more exciting than a old plastic crate. However this is now my next project for the garden. A colleague was talking about their micropond attracting wildlife in their garden and that they now had frogspawn in it. This set me wondering to how to create a similar haven in my garden. Cue a search of the internet and something made of solid plastic that won’t rot seemed ideal. So, the plan is to line this crate, sink it to ground level, put in some levelling for shallow access and some plants and have some rocks etc around the edge to hide the plastic. I’ll let you know later in the year how this all works out.

Day 79 – March 20th – Pile it high

Day 79 20180320

I’ve been going great guns on building the new raised beds and only have 3 more left to have ‘refurbished’ all of them in the last year. Hopefully they won’t need replacing for a good number of years after this. In the meantime the remains of the old ones remain. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to re-purpose some of the wood rather than it automatically being either recycled or used as firewood.

Day 49 – 18th February – Out with the old

day 49 20180218

I’m slowly revamping the vegetable area with some newer raised beds. These ‘sleepers’ are from the original raised bed that I created over 10 years ago. That area of the garden has changed a lot in those 10 years, not just in size but in style. A lot of this wood is rotten on the whole and once some of the dirt has been washed off by the rain I’ll be able to work out if I can reuse any of it.