Day 354 – 20th December – Rescue Mission

Day 354 20181220

It was noticed that one of the plants at work had been sufffering and looked like it was dying. On checking it, the lack of root system showed that the main plant had died away and the offshoots were starting to die from the stem upwards. I brought them home and have split off all the offshoots and planted them out. Hopefully at least a few will root and start to grow.

Day 133 – 13th May – New Life

Day 133 20180513

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that the unusually cold winter killed off a number of my pot plants. One of them was a fragrant jasmine which had been thriving. Everything down to the base of the plant was dead and I purchased a replacement. However never being one to give up, and knowing that nature will often find a way to restart, I stuck it in a pot, put the pot in a trug and the trug in the greenhouse to provide it with as much of a positive environment as I could. Today while doing a load of gardening and sorting some stuff in the greenhouse, I spotted that nature had found a way to restart and that new shoots had begun to grown. I’ve put it in a better pot and a better watering tray. As you can see it’s a long way off being anything that I’d put on the patio, but at some point in the future, I’ll be able to have two jasmines rather than just the one.