Day 333 – November 29th – A bolt from the internet

Day 333 20181129

One of my jobs earlier in the year was to do a minor work on the patio doors to ensure that they shut propperly for the winter with all the locking points connecting to create a proper seal from the elements outside. With that successul the next thing I want to do is to replace what is called the slave lock on one of the doors. The original one had suffered as a result of the weather being able to sneak in. While it does still work, it’s very stiff to use, often needing a screwdriver to act as a lever to help raise the bolt. Therefore, so that I can freely open both patio doors I’ve purchased a replacement lock. A few measurements and a bit of internet searching and I had found what I needed. I won’t fit it to next year as there’s no need to now, but it will be nice not to wonder if I really want to have both doors open in what I hope will be another nice summer.

Day 243 – August 31st – A Patchwork…Carpet

Day 243 20180831

After a number of years it is clear that my carpet has seen better days. It’s not threadbare, but the time to replace it is drawing near, possibly by the end of the year if I can get myself organised. There is a problem for me when it comes to getting a new carpet and that is that I’m colourblind. Now I’m not asking for you all to make your suggestions given that I’m not posting my living room on this blog. However to try to help I’ve been given a number of samples to look at and see how I feel about them. I suspect I might be calling on some friends for help with this too just to ensure that I don’t make a totally mess of the colour chosen, but I suspect I’ll be going for something quite different to what I currently have.

ay 224 – 12th August – Floored

Day 224 20180812

I’m colourblind so when it comes to shopping for things involving colour I need help. My mother was visiting so the two of us headed to a carpet showroom to look a possible replacements to my current carpet, which after over a decade is reaching the end of it’s useful life. It was an experience. I’ve never done it before and to be honest there seemed to be too much choice while also being too little choice. Those styles I liked in terms of feel weren’t in the colours that I really wanted and the range of different types of carpet was staggering. While leaving with some ideas of possible carpets, on getting home it was agreed that actually those colours wouldn’t work as it would leave the lounge very singular in colour and with a brown sofa, a brown carpet really isn’t going to work. Even colour wheels haven’t been much help as they say that brown is a mix of all three primary colours and therefore not on the wheel. I suspect I’ll be collecting a lot of samples over the next few weeks to see if I can find one that will work and just hope the right sort of carpet comes in that colour.

Day 196 – 15th July – Chipboard changes

Day 196 20180715

Having successfully put up 3 sets of shelves, I couldn’t put up the remaining 3 sets without taking down or removing long standing shelving options that were either of no real use or reaching the end of their usable lifespan. There were a number of small 3 inch deep shelf units which came down in favour of shelves that were about 15 inches deep. Out came a very old bookcase (probably about 20 years old) that was falling apart in a number of areas, but given how old it was I feel I’ve had value for money from it. There was also a fibreboard shelf attached to the crossbeams of the garage. I’ve no idea what that was for unless it was to hide things from people who wouldn’t be looking very closely. It will all go to the recycling depot later in the week so even though it has no purpose now, its current situation may not be final.


Day 160 – 9th June – Rotting Away

Day 160 20180609

Well today I’m living the rock and roll lifestyle and have purchased a new garden compost bin. Exciting, yes I know! The old one was coming apart at the seams (literally) every time it got over half full, and I know this form the experience of having emptied it, rebuilt it and filled it again. Annoyingly it had been the final trug of compost being put in that split the bit each time. This one seems to be better designed and I don’t see how it will split as easily. It’s also slightly larger so it will help me to recycle more garden waste and given the composting time it claims, I’ll be able to produce compost for the garden quicker and be able to be greener and save money.

Day 98 – 8th April – Connecting the Parts (pt2)

Day 98 20180408

Despite some inclement weather today (light rain for most of the late afternoon), I’ve managed to get the second new top frame up and connected to the grapevine arches. There are still a couple of small things to do for it to be totally finalised, but the important parts are now complete. The remainder will have to wait for better weather. Hopefully this will mean that I don’t need to work on this part of the garden for a number of years.

Day 96 – 6th April – Connecting the Parts (pt 1)

Day 96 20180406

So with the wood ready to put in place I’ve replaced one set (two cross beams and 6 connecting batons) of the grapevine arches top frame. Happily enough, just about everything matched up and while it’s not quite perfect, most of the major connections lined up and I was able to remove and replace in a relatively short period of time. I should be able to get the second set up before the end of the weekend.