Day 344 – 10th December – Hanging on the Telephone

Day 344 20181210

Today I got my phoneline back. I still have a landline, which I apprecaite that not everyone uses, as I get a good deal on calls to other landlines. However for the last few days it’s not been working. It had started crackling when we had some bad weather recently and proceeded to get worse as time went on. In the end it just stopped working properly. I could call the phone but upon answering it died straight away. I had a look outside and noticed that the cable protecting the line into the house had been knawed at, probably by some of the local urban foxes. They had managed to totally break through the outer casing leaving it exposed to the elements. Thankfully my phone provider repairs this sort of issue free of charge and the line is now crystal clear.

Day 343 – 9th December – An Open and Not Shut Case

Day 343 20181209

I noticed yesterday that my kitchen door wasn’t quite shutting as it should when I pulled it closed to stop the heat of the house getting out. However given that it locked fine when I had finished, I didn’t think any more of it. Today I wish I had, as after spending time in the garden I stuggled to get the door to shut and couldn’t get it to lock at all. Obviously this presented a security issue. For quite some time I was baffled and looking at all sorts of things that could be affecting the door until I discovered what the issue was. The catch for the door had, over the course of a number of years, slowly shifted back and had got to the point where it was stopping the door catch from working properly and there was something in the mechanism as a whole that then stopped the door locking. Thankfully it was a quick fix, losening a couple of screws, adjusting the catch and tightening them back up again.


Day 332 – 28th November – Hats off

Day 332 20181128

One of the few issues with riding in the Arizona heat twice a year is that it affects materials in a way that cooler climes won’t. I’m talking about some sticky stuff here. Glue. I know from books I’ve taken out there (yes I’m old fashioned when it comes to reading materials) that if I’m not careful the pages detached from the effect of the heat on the glue. The same happened on my last trip with the hat band on one of my riding hats with the glue failing. Re-gluing wasn’t really an option with this type of material, but I am fortunate that I have a mother who is truely gifted with a needle and thread. While this was a relatively small job it has none the less solved the problem permenantly.

Day 283 – 10th October – Outdoor Repairs

Day 283 20181010

Despite it being October it’s been a wonderfully warm day and has provided the opportunity for some small outdoor repair work to take place. This is more the finalisation of earlier projects that just needed a little tidying up before winter. Some sealant on windowframes, some wood treatment, etc. Nothing major as it’s nor really the time of year to embark on that. However it’s been good to get that stuff done and leaves very little to do now for the rest of the year in terms of outdoor DIY.

Day 220 – 8th August – Bigger by design

Day 220 20180808

Pleased with the success of my previous repair job I elected to sort out the next really obvious wall issue that I had. At the start it didn’t look like this as it had been a case of some blown plaster. None had come off and it it just stuck out from the all a bit. Again, most people probably wouldn’t notice it, but as this wasn’t behind a curtain, I would see it every time I when up and down the stairs. I like to do a proper job so I wanted to get rid of all of the plaster that was loose, even if it could have been left. The idea being that if I did that, then the chance of it happening again would be reduced. As a result the area that would need to be re-plastered was larger than originally expected. That said, it’s nothing that a basic ready made plaster filler can’t deal with, even if it has to be done in sections to reduce the size each time, allowing the filler to set properly each time.

Day 218 – 6th August – There’s a hole in my… wall, dear reader dear reader.

Day 218 20180806

For a long time now I have had a small hole where some plasterboard fell in. It’s never been an urgent repair job as it’s been by a window and has been covered by a curtains. I would hazard a guess that everyone else who has been to the house would be blissfully unaware it’s there such is it’s nature, and the photo makes it look larger than it really is. With poorer weather now starting to appear it’s time deal with some of the minor jobs around the house. I’d wondered for a while how I would ever fix this as any plaster would also fall into the hole. As is often the case now-a-days, the internet came to the rescue and I discovered these thin, self adhesive patches. As it was in the corner I had to trim the mesh, but then used those bits to provide extra strength towards the base. I won’t need to apply a lot of plaster to now cover this and it’s solved a long term repair job.

Day 213 – 1st August – People in glasshouses, occasionally have to repair them

Day 213 20180801

I noticed the other day that my greenhouse door wasn’t closing properly. Further investigation revealed some bolts and covers had come loose. Given how often the door has been opened and shut recently with the hot weather I’m not surprised. The greenhouse is slightly different from most in that it is octagonal. However it serves its purpose well. As you can see from the photo the bottom of the door panel had lost a few bolts and these needed to be screwed back in. Unfortunately it was at the hinge side of the door so it was a little awkward and not being able to see both sides at the same time meant I was working ‘blind’ as they say. It took a few attempts but eventually I was able to get the bolt and the nut to connect and screw together tightly.