Day 293 – 20th October – Out of (remote) Control

Day 293 20181020

Weekly meetings with friends have recently been moved to a Saturday from a Friday (and yes that does leave my Friday nights feeling somewhat odd at the moment) and tonight was video and takeaway night. This mean taking along not just the film to watch, but also the TV, player and stand. It’s not a hassle as I am picked up on such a night. Unfortunately, and not for the first time (though first time this year), I brought everything except the player remote control, which given that the player had no manual buttons to override left the film on the select language page.

Day 235 – 23rd August – Feeling a little remote

Day 235 20180823

I was off work today having picked up some unpleasant infection that was leading to a temperature, cough and cold. Most of the time has been spent either sleeping or consuming cold rememdies and different versions of vitamin c! Thankfully hot blackcurrant is a favourite drink of mine so it hasn’t been a hardship. During one of the waking periods I decided it was time I got one of my birthday presents working. Having got a new camera earlier in the year (a Canon D77 which I do enjoy), I had decided a remote for it would be good, mainly for long exposures where I don’t want to shake the camera rather than selfies! It took a bit of time, possibly because I’m ill, but I got there in the end and look forward to using it more when I’m out and about on photography missions.