Day 314 – 10th November – A Sticky Solution

Day 314 20181110

OK, some of these are quite large for sticks, but I’ve been able to do some tree cutting and have collected quite a bit of wood that can be cut and dried for use either next year or even futher ahead. Once dried out these will be able to go on the firepits featured earlier in the year. In terms of quantity (having already cut it up) I’ve got about six average sized truggs worth of wood here so not a bad haul and not a bad day’s work in the garden.


Day 279 – 6th October – Doubling Up

Day 279 20181006

With the very dry summer we had this year and the speed at which the waterbutts I have ran out of water, I took the opportunity of getting a couple more. They are smaller than the two I already have, but will fit into the garden in an out of site location nicely. I also managed to double up on points with a special web offer that earnt me twice as many air miles as normal. They will be connected together and to a gutter filling waterbutt so it will be all free water as well, hopefully recovering the expense from the sprinkler this year.

Day 278 – 5th October – Paper Brick Maker

Day 278 20181005

I’ve had a couple of buckets of shredded bills and other items soaking for a while now and it’s time to turn these into something that serves a purpose. I have a paper brick maker that I use to make bricks from old bills etc. They then get dried in the greenhouse and used as fuel for fires. They will burn for about 2 hours which isn’t too bad. Personally I quite like the fact that I’m send my old bills up in flames in a quite literal way. I’ve got quite a few now, but they get used on a number of occasions throughout the year and its quite possible that some will still get used this year as well.

Day 251 – 8th September – A Pallet of Beer

Day 251 20180908

I decided to do a different walk to the one I had planned and decided to extend out a favourite route of mine and try some new paths that went off of it and incorporate some older paths that I hadn’t walked for quite some time. One of the country pubs that I went past had discovered what some might consider the best being of recycling going, using the old pallet to let those passing know what guest beers, ciders and stouts they were serving. Sadly this was very early on my walk, but I may be tempted to pop back another day when its on the way home instead.

Day 196 – 15th July – Chipboard changes

Day 196 20180715

Having successfully put up 3 sets of shelves, I couldn’t put up the remaining 3 sets without taking down or removing long standing shelving options that were either of no real use or reaching the end of their usable lifespan. There were a number of small 3 inch deep shelf units which came down in favour of shelves that were about 15 inches deep. Out came a very old bookcase (probably about 20 years old) that was falling apart in a number of areas, but given how old it was I feel I’ve had value for money from it. There was also a fibreboard shelf attached to the crossbeams of the garage. I’ve no idea what that was for unless it was to hide things from people who wouldn’t be looking very closely. It will all go to the recycling depot later in the week so even though it has no purpose now, its current situation may not be final.


Day 172 – 21st June – Baffled

Day 172 20180621

With the weather as nice as it has been the last few weeks I’ve managed to get a lot of garden stuff completed, but there was one project that had left me scratching my head for a while, and it was that of how to have the bird feeders out but not dominated by the squirrels. I therefore decided to experiment. I put together this rather rough bird feeding station with the sole intention of seeing if the hard plastic netting half way down would provide a block (or baffle as they are known) to the squirrels. Its done entirely with left over wood from other projects and is not permanent. If the project works, then I’ll either find a nice feeding station to buy or will make a better version of this one.

Day 152 – 1st June – Finishing Touches

Day 152 20180601

The new garden gate is working excellently but I have noticed that one of the strips of wood on that stopped the gate swinging forward in the wrong direction without damaging the latch was a little thin and there was a big gap in places. Having a supply of wood left over from previous purchases I found one that was much better quality and also was narrow enough for the gate to still close properly, but also wide enough to fill the gap. Today I was treating it to preserve it and have it match the colour of the gate. Once it’s dry I’ll remove the old and nail into place this replacement