Day 98 – 8th April – Connecting the Parts (pt2)

Day 98 20180408

Despite some inclement weather today (light rain for most of the late afternoon), I’ve managed to get the second new top frame up and connected to the grapevine arches. There are still a couple of small things to do for it to be totally finalised, but the important parts are now complete. The remainder will have to wait for better weather. Hopefully this will mean that I don’t need to work on this part of the garden for a number of years.


Day 23 – 23rd January – When it rains…

day 23 20180123

I don’t use an umbrella very often. Work is a short distance from the onsite car park and I have a driveway at home. I do however keep one in the car just in case during the winter months. Today I was going to have to walk around outside a bit so at lunchtime as the weather had got worse, I decided to grab the umbrella from the car in case it was really bad later when I would be out and about. With the run of luck I’ve had I should have know what would happen. I got wetter getting to the car than I did out and about later that afternoon. Would that have happened had I not got the umbrella, of course not, we all know it would have poured down on me in that circumstance!