Day 343 – 9th December – An Open and Not Shut Case

Day 343 20181209

I noticed yesterday that my kitchen door wasn’t quite shutting as it should when I pulled it closed to stop the heat of the house getting out. However given that it locked fine when I had finished, I didn’t think any more of it. Today I wish I had, as after spending time in the garden I stuggled to get the door to shut and couldn’t get it to lock at all. Obviously this presented a security issue. For quite some time I was baffled and looking at all sorts of things that could be affecting the door until I discovered what the issue was. The catch for the door had, over the course of a number of years, slowly shifted back and had got to the point where it was stopping the door catch from working properly and there was something in the mechanism as a whole that then stopped the door locking. Thankfully it was a quick fix, losening a couple of screws, adjusting the catch and tightening them back up again.