Day 364 – 30th December – Last time in the garden

Day 364 20181230

Today will have been the last day gardening for this year for me. While there is still more do to (weeding, leaf sweeping etc), one of the tasks I had for the break was to prune the grapvine so that it puts its focus into growing in the directions that I want it to. It’s not a long job and was done in the space of about an hour as I only have a couple of vines to trim. I’ve adopted the same policy as last year and I’m hoping that it will have a similar result in terms of the amount of crop that is produced.

Day 320 – 16th November – Mind the Gap

Day 320 2018116

For quite a number of years, my sky line has not been like this. The ground starts just below the crop on this photo which might seem odd but I’m on the side of a hill and these trees start quite some distance below the level of my house. That said, until today both were above the top of my house. Now only one does and that will be reduced sometime later next year. The one that has been trimmed was actually much higher and far bushier. The result of these two trees was that even in the height of the summer when they would be in full leaf, I would loose the sun from the garden from 6pm rather than when the sun would set after 9pm. As you can imagine, that has been a frustration. Thankfully next year this will no longer be an issue and I’ll be able to enjoy what will hopefully be some long hot summer days.

Day 318 – 14th November – Wrong Time, Right Reason

Day 318 20181114

This is the wrong time of year to be pruning my rose, especially given there are still a couple of flowers on it. However today I didn’t really have much of a choice. I had to clear the rose from the window area where I’m getting a replacement window so that it can be properly measured (something that I consider an important thing). It had to be today as I finshed slightly earlier than other week days so I was able to work in relatively reasonable light given how quickly the days close in. It was also reasonable weather which mean that with the patio light on I was able to tidy up after I’d finished pruning.

Day 314 – 10th November – A Sticky Solution

Day 314 20181110

OK, some of these are quite large for sticks, but I’ve been able to do some tree cutting and have collected quite a bit of wood that can be cut and dried for use either next year or even futher ahead. Once dried out these will be able to go on the firepits featured earlier in the year. In terms of quantity (having already cut it up) I’ve got about six average sized truggs worth of wood here so not a bad haul and not a bad day’s work in the garden.

Day 35 – 4th February – Cutting things close

day 35 20180204

The sun was out today, ironic given how wet it was when I was on a long walk yesterday, but that’s the way it goes. While it was tempting to go for a walk, I new there were some garden tasks that needed to be done in the near future so I had my first gardening day of the year. I am lucky enough to have a wonderful climbing rose what has a great scent to it and flowers from about March to the end of October. Today it had its annual ‘trim’. While it’s slightly later than some would suggest, it does let me see where the best growth is likely to be and how to prune the rose back to grow in the direction I want it to.