Day 330 – 26th November – Christmas is coming

Day 330 20181126

This may just look like my dining room table, but this photo signfies a change in a very small way. In itself there is nothing that screams Christmas apart from the fact that the table has moved. However to make way for the Christmas tree, the table has to be moved. It’s nothing major, but it’s a small reminder for me that before long I’ll be celebrating Christmas and all that it entails.

Day 321 – 17th November – At the sharp end

Day 321 20181117

With the main gardening season over and the weather this weekend continuting to be pleasant enough to spend a few hours outside, I decided to do some preperation for next year. After a year of use I have a number of garden tools that were in need of sharpening so that they don’t damage plants when they are pruned.

Day 245 – September 2nd – Kitchen Tape

Day 245 20180902

With the weather outside now turning and the desire to lay in the hammock less appealing it’s time to start on some of the other projects I have lined up. First of those is to repaint the kitchen walls. For this I’ll be using a lot of the above tape to protect the areas I don’t want painted (like the doors, ceiling, cabinets, oven, work surfaces etc). It is probably the longest part of the job in terms of getting it lined up properly and dealing with the corners. However it works well and the extra time spent means a lot less pain when the painting begins. From previous experience I know that this roll won’t outlast the project and I may need another one after that!