Day 308 – 4th November – 100 Years On

Day 308 20181104

It’s exactly a week away from Armistice Day and this year is a special year given it marks the 100th annivery of the signing of the peace treaty to end the First World War. In the UK poppies are sold for people to wear in rememberance of those who died in both the World Wars and other conflicts. There is now-a-days debate about this being a political thing, or that it glorfies war. Now I’m happy to concede that some people will choose to do that, but I feel that is to misrepresent what the poppy stands for. Its origins certainly weren’t political. I have family and friends who have seen active duty and am fortunate enough for them all to have come back, but I’m aware that no everyone is as fortunate as I am. I therefore wear a poppy and will normally biy a pin one. This year I bought two, the usual pin one and this centenary one.

Day 270 – 27th September – Pinning things down

Day 270 20180927

Having been busy riding I have got around to picking up my visit pin for this trip. I think its fair to say that 11 visits in 6 years makes me a regular and my 12th is already booked. Before the end of the visit, so will my 13th. Currently I see no reason to stop as I’m still enjoying it as much as ever.


Day 141 – 21st May – Double Figures

Day 141 20180521

So I’m back at the ranch (favourite holiday location) and I’m now officially into double figures for visits. First task on the first riding day is to collect my new pin badge for the visit. I’ve always felt it was a nice touch that the ranch did these for people to be able to track their visits. Not only is it useful at the ranch but it’s a nice added memento.