Day 342 – 8th December – Two Birds A Eating

Day 342 20181208

Apologies for the poor quality photo, I had to zoom in on my phone and didn’t have time to get the big camera our that would have provided a better zoom.

Having restocked some of the bird feeders I had guests more or less straight away with a couple of Thrushes stocking up from the fat balls and suet cake. The one of the fat ball is easier to spot, but there is also one hanging onto the right hand side of the suet cake feeder. It just blends into the background too easily, especially when zoomed in. I was reminded to make sure the feeders were stocked up well as it’s not good for the birds to exhert energy getting to the feeders and not having enough there to replenish and stock up for a while, so as a request, if you’re reading this and have bird feeders in the garden, please keep them stocked up for the sake of the birds this winter.

Day 287 – 14th October – Latecomers Welcome

Day 287 20181014

For a variety of reasons (illness, holidays and other commitments on both sides), just over 2 months from my birthday I saw some family today and recieved some welcome late birthday presents. A mix of the practical, useful and enjoyable, they show up some of what I enjoy in life. A book about Wimbledon and the queuing and Henry Blofelds recent book, both of which I’m sure will proove entertaining. A new lightweight mini tripod for my camera which will be useful when travelling and a travel mug that will keep my coffee warm for longer. Oddly this is more of an issue at work so it will probably find it’s way there.

Day 235 – 23rd August – Feeling a little remote

Day 235 20180823

I was off work today having picked up some unpleasant infection that was leading to a temperature, cough and cold. Most of the time has been spent either sleeping or consuming cold rememdies and different versions of vitamin c! Thankfully hot blackcurrant is a favourite drink of mine so it hasn’t been a hardship. During one of the waking periods I decided it was time I got one of my birthday presents working. Having got a new camera earlier in the year (a Canon D77 which I do enjoy), I had decided a remote for it would be good, mainly for long exposures where I don’t want to shake the camera rather than selfies! It took a bit of time, possibly because I’m ill, but I got there in the end and look forward to using it more when I’m out and about on photography missions.

Day 195 – 14th July – Tanks for the memories

Day 195 20180714

I am now nearing the end of my plan to walk the South Downs Way. I have one more circular walk left to complete that will take me into Winchester which is the other end of the route to Eastbourne. Along the way I have seen wonderful scenery, come across the delightful and unexpected. Todays walk did not disappoint and there were a number of photos I could have chosen including the single track through the middle of barley fields, a dead tree set against a field of wheat and some young ducklings in a small village duck pond (so yes I could have gone for the cute factor). Instead I chose something from the unexpected and unusual in that the walk took me alongside the track for a tank driving experience venue. To be fair it did look quite fun though I suspect being inside a tank on such a warm day would be a bit like being in an oven. The noise will also stay with me as well as these were not quiet machines.


Day 161 – 10th June – Through a Lens…Fuzzily

Day 161 20180610

I was out doing a medium walk today, nothing serious given I hadn’t done a walk for a while and I wanted to ease back into things. However it was lovely weather and I thought it would be a great opportunity to take some phones with camera. I picked a slightly different trail, taking in part of the Downs Link, a route that links the North and South Downs. It’s quite easy as a lot of it is an old train line so not particularly hilly. What I wasn’t expecting was after a few photos for the lens come apart at one end. It’s still under warranty so hopefully it will all be replaceable or repairable, but it did spoil and otherwise lovely stroll.

Day 138 – 18th May – A Rose By Any Other Name

Day 138 20180518

I have a climbing rose that runs up the front of the house. It produces both beautiful white blooms and has a wonder scent to it. Makes going out the door in the morning to work less painful. Normally it would be flowering from April until late October (with regular deadheading), but this year, with the unusual weather we’ve had it’s been slightly later in producing it’s first flowers. That changed today with it’s first flower open. I wish I knew what it was called. I purchased it in a garden centre a number of years ago as one of two and never thought to keep the label (I was a very novice gardener at this point). Little did I think it would turn into what I consider to be one of the best purchases I’d make in the garden and have the plant that I would photograph most.

Day 130 – 10th May – Swimming Lessons

Day 130 20180510

I was back to the local pond on my lunchtime walk with a better camera that would allow me to take close up pictures of the new born goslings within risking the ire of their parents. Today they were practicing their swimming in the pond. They seemed to be getting the hang of it quite well and were able to swim around without any assistance. Their parents were still around keeping a close guard on them to ensure no-one got too close.

Day 59 – 28th February – A different view

day 59 20180228

With the snow still on the ground I decided to go on a slightly different route for the lunchtime walk. As I’ve said before, I work on the edge of the South Downs and have some wonderful countryside that is easily reachable during even a 30 minute stroll. This was the view of a small village and manor house from one of the small hills I climbed that I thought, for a mobile phone, came out quite well.

Day 34 – 3rd February – Where the Land Meets the Sea

day 34 20180203

For my longer walks I’ve decided that walking the length of the South Downs Way will be good to do in the process. In theory the 1000 miles could be done by doing the South Downs Way 10 times, but in reality that’s not practical for many reasons. This is from close the the start the trail. The cliffs are receding and bits collapse each year. Despite this people still go right to the edge to look over or pose for photos. You’ll not catch me doing that. Are though great to look at and I suspect the phone’s camera doesn’t really do them justice.

Day 29 – 29th January – Stopping Early

day 29 20180129

Not a reference to this blog or the plan to do a photo a day. After all I’m not even a month in. Something has happened to my main camera. The battery says it’s charged but when I put it in, nothing, and I mean nothing. Not even an attempt by it to power up. Obviously the camera is now out of warranty so I’m looking at expenditure of one form or another. I’ve purchased a new battery to see if that works, just in case it’s a battery issue rather than a camera one and it’s the cheaper option to try first off. Should that not work I might try to see if I can see anything wrong inside that’s obvious. I’m not too bad with technology stuff so that in itself doesn’t scare me. In the meantime I’ll be working with a lesser camera so I’m sorry if the photo’s aren’t the same resolution quality as earlier, especially from distance.