Day 361 – 27th December – Equipment Preserver

Day 361 20181227

Being fortunate enough to have the days between Christmas and New Year off of work it’s time to finish off the painting job I had started in the kitchen earlier in the year. It’s completion had been delayed due to holidays, running out of paint and the store not having any more in immediately. Having got the room all taped up I was ready to go and put out the protective sheets (no comments about the style please) and got out the rollers and paint brushes. I had forgotton that I’d wrapped them in film to stop them drying out between uses. It’s a handy trick if you’re using one a lot over a series of days. I didn’t imagine that after a number of months the roller and brushes would not have dried out and would still be perfecty usable. It’s certainly life a lot easier for finishing the task.

Day 248 – 5th September – Oh Sandy!

Day 248 20180905

All the replastering that I’ve been having to do in the kitchen before painting has been becoming somewhat time consuming. While it has been great for the arm muscles, it is slowing down progress far too much. I have therefore purchased a mini sander which will do the job far quicker and hopefully enable me to get back on track with my own personal timetable for getting the kitchen painting finished. I do like it and I will be able to use it on some other projects that I would like to do next year, so it won’t be a one time usage.

Day 246 – 3rd September -Paper Thin

Day 246 20180903

So, having got the first part of the kitchen taped up and the wall repaired with a bit of plaster and then sanded I was ready to start painting. Not a difficult or taxing task, needing a brust and a roller to effectively cover the larger areas and the edges. What I wasn’t expecting was for part of the wall to suddenly end up on the roller. Little did I know that the previous owner had taken some shortcuts and put some very thin liner paper up to paint over and that my painting would cause chunks of that to come off, revealing the wall and the cracks behind. Looks like I have more plastering in the very near future.

Day 228 – 16th August – Painting the town…neutral

Day 228 20180816

With all the good weather that we’ve had it’s been easy to forget that there are inside jobs that need to be done. Now I’m still going to enjoy being outside as lets be honest, in the UK we don’t get long hot summers very often. However I want to gradually get things ready for when the weather truly does turn and I’m stuck inside. Part of that will be redecorating and giving the house a lick of paint. This has been ongoing over the last few years and next on my list is the kitchen (sage), the hall (ivory cream) and the main bedroom (barley haze). I have an issue with paint though in that I’m colourblind. If I’m buying then I’m normally with a friend or I’m replacing like with like. I’ve done that with the above in part. The hall is already ivory cream so that’s going to be like for like. The main bedroom is going to be an experiment with the barley haze. It’s probably a little lighter than the current colour scheme, but it should make the room seem a bit lighter. There will be lots of preparation needed for this and I suspect I’ll only get the kitchen and hall done this year, but that’s two more rooms done and only two left for next year.

Day 189 – 8th July – Over a barrel

Day 189 20180708

Well I managed to finish off the barrel today and I think it looks a whole lot better than it did back in April. Even the wood treatment that I applied to hopefully give it a longer life in the summer and winter has had a much better effect than I expected, providing a darker colour to the wood and showing up the grain in the wood a lot better. The bands have been gently hammered back into a tight position with a hammer and wood block to prevent damage to the bands, and I suspect when the rain finally does arrive it will then help keep the barrel tight. Hope I’m going to use it, I’m still not sure, possibly as a stand, a seat or a table. I will have to see if something shows up that will dictate it’s future use.

Day 187 – 6th July – Ringing the changes

Day 187 20180706

With all the warm weather the barrel that I got given a while back (Day 105 – 15th April – Roll Out the Barrel for those tracking the blog) had some of the metal binding rings fall off as the wood had shrunk. I’m taking the opportunity to give it a bit of a spruce up so that it looks better. These are the mid rings that had come loose without any further encouragement after having a metal paint (I had some left over) applies and they already look a lot better. Over the next few days I plan to do the same to the top and bottom binding rings of the barrel and also to treat the wood as well. Its a small project but one that will bring a patio item new life.

Day 152 – 1st June – Finishing Touches

Day 152 20180601

The new garden gate is working excellently but I have noticed that one of the strips of wood on that stopped the gate swinging forward in the wrong direction without damaging the latch was a little thin and there was a big gap in places. Having a supply of wood left over from previous purchases I found one that was much better quality and also was narrow enough for the gate to still close properly, but also wide enough to fill the gap. Today I was treating it to preserve it and have it match the colour of the gate. Once it’s dry I’ll remove the old and nail into place this replacement

Day 82 – 23rd March – Not a blank canvas

Day 82 20180323

I don’t expect many surprises when I do my lunchtime walk to the local pond. I suspect there may be a couple of photos to come of it, but I can’t think of many more. Today’s walk did bring a surprise though with someone doing a painting of the pond. It was wonderful to see and it’s been quite a while since I have seen someone out doing a painting of somewhere that isn’t at a celebrated tourist attraction, let alone a less well known location.