Day 146 – 26th May – Hoots Looking At You

Day 146 20180526

As previously mentioned, there are some Green Horned Owls currently at the ranch. Today I found out that they had a chick and that the ranch staff had helped build up the nest after the parent owls didn’t do a good job of the original and the baby fell out. It’s just a few palm tree branches to help create more of a barrier. The baby owl is sweet and once it had popped it’s head up (I had to wait for this but then that is how photography often works) it very comically would roll it’s head up and down and round in circles while not taking it’s eyes off me.

Day 142 – 22nd May – As Light As A…

Day 142 20180522

Just as the riding group I was in was coming back from it’s fast ride the wrangler who was leading our ride spotted this on the ground and quickly picked it up and, being right behind her, very kindly she offered it to me. Its the feather from a Green Horned Owl, a couple of which have taken up residence at the ranch. It fitted nicely on the rim of my hat for the rest of the week.

Day 125 – 5th May – The Wise Old Owl

Day 125 20180505

I had a family meet up today and we had chosen Penshurst Place in Kent, partly because of locality, but also because they had a craft fair on. I find them quite fascinating in both the range of items available and the cost. Some sellers seem to be trying to make their weeks income from a single sale while others seem to be incredibly good value. I’ve often found that the metal work available at these fairs is good value, especially for the smaller items. One of my purchases was this metalwork owl. Not only does it look nice in the garden, but it will also rock gently and flap its wing when there is a breeze. An added bonus is that the squirrels who have taken to digging up parts of the garden aren’t quite sure what to make of it.