Day 313 – 9th November – Packing for Winter (Part 1)

Day 313 20181109

Now that the weather is slowly starting to turn its time to protect the plants that are more vulnerable to the cold. What has been slightly difficult has been that many plants are still flowering even though they need to be overwintered. However one set of plants that can go in at this point are the soft fruits in pots. So here, ready for the winter are the blueberries, white, red and black currants and the goji berry. Given most of these survived the extreme winter from the start of the year, they should be fine here and I’ll just keep them topped up water wise once a week if needed.


Day 185 – 4th July – Cutting things out

Day 185 20180704

While the weather is remaining very dry and warm, I have chosen to try to protect the garden a bit from the extreme weather we had earlier in the year when the temperatures dropped lower than I can remember and I lost a number of plants, even though they had been overwintered in the greenhouse. First on my list is the training geraniums that I have in small wall pots. While it was easy enough to buy some replacements, it would be good if I had some growing ready as replacements if the cold weather comes again. The trailing geraniums aren’t the largest so it’s some quite small cuttings I’ve had to take, but I’m hoping that won’t make too big a difference and that maybe half of them at least will root and be viable replacements if needed next year.