Day 327 – 23rd November – Stone but no sticks

Day 327 20181123

Work places can have unusual events happen wherever you work, I think that’s something everyone can agree on. Somewhat strange today was the arrival of 3 pebbles. I say pebbles as I feel they look more like they have come from the local beach rather than the countryside. They had actually been left on the staircase but moved here as they were considered less dangerous. No one at work has any idea why they were left there and they will remain one more work place mystery. However it won’t be one I’ll worry about.

Day 200 – 19th July – An enlightening mystery

Day 200 20180719

The local supermarket had a mid summer sale on solar lights, and liking the garden lit up by them, I took advantage and picked up a number of these for less than a pound. That in itself isn’t the mystery. Was is confusing me is why, despite them being identical, one seems to spread a pattern on the patio while the others doen’t really do the same. They try a little but it doesn’t really work. As these are going to be moved soon (it’s the soft fruit previously mentioned) I’m going to move them anyway, but I’ll be interested to see if it continues with the pots that I move there later in the year.

Day 193 – 12th July – Sign your name

Day 193 20180712

To continue with the shelving work in the garage I have had to start taking down some of the items left of the garage walls from previous owners. I took one item down to prepare for the next set of shelves only to find a name scratched into a brick. The house has had a number of previous owners and I doubt I’ll ever know who Mary is, or was. It may even have been done by someone who was visiting. All I do know is that if I take other items down and come across the name Joseph I’ll start to see the garage in a new light!