Day 269 – 26th September – Lookout, its a Movie

Day 269 20180926

Today I got to ride up and around what is called Lookout Point. It also has another name which is Movie Pass. I love the ride as its loping out (on the fast version) and you get to ride around the top of the viewpoint before coming back down. From the view it’s clear why it’s a look out as you can see for miles and the White Stallion Ranch is just off in the distance where the line of trees and buildings are just off centre. Its second name is due to the number of movies that have been shot there, two of the more famous ones being Winchester 73 and A Kiss Before Dying (the 1956 version).

Day 46 – 15th February – Freebie Films

day 46 20180215

I picked up a couple of film download vouchers a while back with some battery purchases. I had a look options when I first got the vouchers and wasn’t instantly grabbed by what was on offer, so I waited. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a change in the options, so before they expired I picked the two films to get. I opted for The Life of Pi and There’s Something About Mary. I enjoyed the book of the Life of Pi and the film has some excellent cinematography. There’s Something About Mary is a funny film and a good one to have in the digital library if I’m looking for something lighthearted.