Day 362 – 28th December – Talking about the car wash

Day 362 20181228

Sorry it’s not a great picture but it was dark and I was nervous about having the car door open. Confused? Let me explain further. After the long journeies taken visiting family over Christmas the car was filthly. No surprise there. So when filling up with petrol I decided it would be a good opportunity to put the car through the wash. Nothing flash, just one of those automatic ones where you put in the code, driving in and it does it’s thing. Well today the first two of those took place. The third didn’t. It started, soaped up the car and then decided that enough was enough and stopped. In the end I managed to get the person behind to let htem know in the store that there was a problem and someone came along to restart it. However I just had a feeling that with the car door open it was bound to spring back into life so it was a very quick photo to record my predicament.

Day 355 – 21st December – Reading Material

Day 355 20181221

Again today is one of those photos I never thought I would use in a blog post recording my year, but the oddest thing happened today. I was filling up with petrol ready for the driving I’ll do over the Christmas period and unsurprisingly there was a queue at the petrol station. The person in front of me filled up and then spent ages reading through the receipt he had got from the pay at the pump machine. One question arose from this. Why! What added information was so revolutionary that it had to be read there and then. I’ve checked the rest of the receipt and there’s nothing of interest there! (And yes, to those in the USA, this is how much we pay for our petrol at the moment, and this is currently 10 pence down on what it had been earlier in the year!)

Day 288 – 15th October – More focus, less stopping!

Day 288 20181015

Growing up in a suburban environment there was one mantra that we were taught when it came to crossing the road. Stop. Look. Listen. There were even public service television adverts reinforcing that message. I was therefore surprised to see a different message on the way to work, especially the fact that it is no long Stop but Focus. (I’ve recreated my own version above as it wouldn’t photograph well). Now obviously the need to put in Focus is clear but is that not a doubling up of the Look concept. If you’ve stopped and then look you are likely to be focuses as you’re aware you’ve needed to stop. As a driver I have seen people step into the road (or a lamppost) because they are so engaged with their mobile phone that they are oblivious to their surroundings and clearly not focused. But why remove the word Stop?

Day 222 – 10th August – Rattle and Hmmm.

Day 222 20180810

I had one of those moments today. You know the ones. The ones where you hang your head and think ‘Oh no’. So I’m driving home from work and all of a sudden the car is making a really bad noise, and I mean really bad. From inside and from my experience, it sounds as if half the car is hanging off. I even take a few seconds to kneel in torrential rain and can see something massive hanging down, but it’s awful weather and I’m not going to kneel in a puddle for long. The garage across the road are kind and put the car on a ramp and much to my relief it wasn’t part of the car but a big part of a tree. Big enough to stretch the width of the car. Even the mechanic who put the car on the ramp admitted it sounded awful. I felt a bit foolish, but then given how it was stuck I doubt I’d have been able to get it out without a ramp. I can only assume I picked it up in one of the flooded areas of roadway at work.

Day 101 – 11th April – Something’s Missing

Day 101 20180411

I have a key unexpectedly missing from my key chain. Totally out of the blue I’ve had to put my car in for repairs after make an odd noise at certain (but not all) speeds. Thankfully they don’t think that it is anything serious as the initial report is that it is just new brake pads, though there always is that nervousness. I could have brought the car back tonight and dropped it off again tomorrow morning but didn’t think it worth it. It’s been an odd feeling though today, walking around with a set of keys with the largest one missing. The key chain feels wrong because of it. Hopefully tomorrow everything will be restored to normal order.