Day 341 – 7th December – A Christmas Card from Who?

Day 341 20181207

I’m a big fan of Christmas cards for a number of reasons. Firstly its nice to have something arrive in the traditional post that isn’t a bill or junk mail. The second is that, especially if you are like me, it’s a chance to send a card that helps remind us all of the reason that Christmas is being celebrated, something that is all too easily forgotten, purposely ignored, or even not known about now-a-days. However I’m going to risk being accused of being a scrooge here by suggesting that having cards “sent” from one’s pets is a step too far. The other way around, especially for loved family pets, especially from younger owners, I can understand. We even bought presents for our dog when I was young. But for me, cards from pets misses the whole point of Christmas and is just a sign of the commercialisation and materialism that dogs (sorry, couldn’t resist the pun) Christmas.


Day 249 – 6th September – Christmas is coming.

Day 249 20180906

I was somewhat taken aback on the way home today when I popped into my local grocery store and waiting at the checkout were a load of chocolate santas. This is just way too early for these to be on sale. There’s still nearly 4 months to go! I understand that Christmas has, for many, become a commerical opportunity and nothing more. Obviously I feel that is somewhat sad and that people are missing out on what Christmas really does offer them, but I also have to accept that for many, that is what they want. However I can’t believe anyone wants it this early.