Day 273 – 30th September – Washed Out

Day 273 20180930

Continuing the riviting theme of usual photos, my washing machine is a good summary of the day as having arrived home it has been busy with two weeks of clothing that need the Arizona dust washed out of them. It’s also a good metaphone for how I’m feeling as I didn’t sleep much on the transatlantic flight home due to other people on the plane. I’m feeling totally washed out which will be a combination of the end of the holiday and the jetlag. I’ve already fallen asleep twice on the sofa while doing the washloads.


Day 113 – 23rd April – Lining Up to be Outside

Day 113 20180423

There have been a number of sunny days recently but due to one thing or another today is the first day that I have been able to realistically get the washing dried by putting on a washing line rather than a clothes horse inside. I much prefer to use the washing line if I can. Clothes always seem to be a lot fresher when they have had the sun and a small breeze to dry them off. I know I’ll only have a couple of days before I have to go back to a clothes horse, but I’m hoping that it will only be in the short term.