Day 295 – 22nd October – A new model

Day 295 20181022

I’ve been having hassles with the mobile phone I purchased at the start of the year. It still works but I’ve never felt comfortable with it (operationally). It was an experimental phone to be fair with features that I never ended up using and was a result of a new collaboration of companies. I therefore made the decision to get a replacement phone given the new incarnation has just been released and all the reports are that they have dumped the experimental stuff and gone back to their previous set ups. Today the phone arrived. Slightly larger than my current phone but not as large as some of these phones that masquerade as tablets (or is it tablets masquerading as phones). I now need to get the accessories to protect it for everyday use, but my evening will be spent setting it up via the Wi-Fi so that it is ready for use when everything arrives.

Day 9 – 9th January – Ring Ring

day 9 20180109

I have, after far too many years, invested in a new mobile phone. Part of the reason was that although it was a good phone and still worked fine, the apps that I had on it were becoming unusable due to an older OS. It’s taken a while to set up and I’m still getting used to it. However I’m happy with it thus far!