Day 275 – 2nd October – Passive Agressive Plants

Day 275 20181002

The occasional (twice in a year) stall selling houseplants was set up today at work. I decided to opt for a couple of plants for the desk that can’t be overwatered as both survive in very wet situtions. (Something I wasn’t aware of for the Venus Fly Trap until I read the care guide). It’s been pointed that that there is an element of the passive agressive in the choice of plants and I’ve also noticed that the pots are opposites as well. Hopefully they will thrive in thier new environment. The Venus Fly Trap may also help with some of the bugs in the office too.


Day 234 -22nd August – Sleeping in the jungle

Day 234 20180822

I spend a lot of time in the garden and have long brought that indoors with a number of house plants in various locations. The last count was nine not including the herbs in the kitchen. I realised while out shopping in a garden centre that despite having all these plants, I didn’t have anything in the bedroom and felt that it would be a positive to have living flora in there for a better environment. These two are thre result. Quite a reaonable price and not so big that they are dominating.