Day 268 – 25th September – You have 14 seconds to comply

Day 268 20180925

I’m now back at the ranch that I have visited a number of time, White Stallion Ranch, and have been able to do what I consider one of the highlight activities of the week, team penning. In a group of 4 friends we had some wonderful runs and I was allowed to cut a number of times as others didn’t want to. We were lucky enough to have a totally blistering run and managed to pen the cattle in 14 seconds from the time we got to them. It’s not quite my fastest time, that being 13 seconds but everyone was delighted with such a wonderfully quick time. We don’t get to keep the trophy as it was donated by a guest for photo opportunities, but it was nice to have been winners.


Day 145 – 25th May – Foaling Around

Day 145 20180525

There had been a new birth at the ranch recently. The foal doesn’t yet have a name as the ranch will only name it once it has shown its personality. It’s very curious and was quite happy to walk away from it’s mother (still in the pen) and come over for some attention. I suspect that it will steal the hearts of a number of ranch visitors this year.

Day 1 – 1st January – Hello 2018

So I’m going to try something different this year, or rather something additional. I’ve seen daily photo blogs before, where someone posts a different picture each day as something that represents that day, so I thought I might have a go. I don’t know how it will go and I suspect there may be some times where a catch up is needed rather than posts on the actual day for a variety of reasons. I also can’t promise it will be wonderfully interesting, but I do intend to write a little for each photo as well.

day 01 20180101

Today’s is from my New Year’s Day walk. The weather was damp at the start to say the least which is why I took the photo above of the horses. They were sensibly standing with their backs to the rain (hence them all facing the same direction) while I was battling ahead into it. Thankfully about 3/4 of the way around the sun came out so I did start to dry off. I wasn’t going to go for the walk but due to needing some time out of the house to let some DIY fumes disperse, a walk seemed the obvious option. There is also a 1000 miles in a year challenge that I intend to do. I had a go at it last year and completed it due to the amount I walk at work, but I want to have a go just counting non-everyday walking. It’s not an easy challenge, but I know what I need to do and I can go for a walk during my lunchtimes. I’ll probably post more about that as the year goes on and probably something on some of the specific walks I do.

Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll have a series of photos that is an interesting chronicle of the year.