Day 311 – 7th November – The Rectangle Window

Day 311 20181107

Like most houses now, I have double glazing. At least I have double glazing in all by one window. The stained glass window that provides light to the ‘hallway’ that I have at home. Although I don’t have any pictures of the house when it was first built in the 1970’s I suspect that it was an orginial feature. When I bought the house all the windows and doors had been recently replaced, so that will have been about 15 years ago. In the space of nearly 50 years though the wooden frame for this window has got to the point where is is rotten beyond my repair skills. There have been developments in the last 15 years as well and I’ve been told that I will be able to keep the window and have it incorporated into a double glazed by the small company that I’ve had recommended.

Day 246 – 3rd September -Paper Thin

Day 246 20180903

So, having got the first part of the kitchen taped up and the wall repaired with a bit of plaster and then sanded I was ready to start painting. Not a difficult or taxing task, needing a brust and a roller to effectively cover the larger areas and the edges. What I wasn’t expecting was for part of the wall to suddenly end up on the roller. Little did I know that the previous owner had taken some shortcuts and put some very thin liner paper up to paint over and that my painting would cause chunks of that to come off, revealing the wall and the cracks behind. Looks like I have more plastering in the very near future.

Day 245 – September 2nd – Kitchen Tape

Day 245 20180902

With the weather outside now turning and the desire to lay in the hammock less appealing it’s time to start on some of the other projects I have lined up. First of those is to repaint the kitchen walls. For this I’ll be using a lot of the above tape to protect the areas I don’t want painted (like the doors, ceiling, cabinets, oven, work surfaces etc). It is probably the longest part of the job in terms of getting it lined up properly and dealing with the corners. However it works well and the extra time spent means a lot less pain when the painting begins. From previous experience I know that this roll won’t outlast the project and I may need another one after that!

Day 243 – August 31st – A Patchwork…Carpet

Day 243 20180831

After a number of years it is clear that my carpet has seen better days. It’s not threadbare, but the time to replace it is drawing near, possibly by the end of the year if I can get myself organised. There is a problem for me when it comes to getting a new carpet and that is that I’m colourblind. Now I’m not asking for you all to make your suggestions given that I’m not posting my living room on this blog. However to try to help I’ve been given a number of samples to look at and see how I feel about them. I suspect I might be calling on some friends for help with this too just to ensure that I don’t make a totally mess of the colour chosen, but I suspect I’ll be going for something quite different to what I currently have.

ay 224 – 12th August – Floored

Day 224 20180812

I’m colourblind so when it comes to shopping for things involving colour I need help. My mother was visiting so the two of us headed to a carpet showroom to look a possible replacements to my current carpet, which after over a decade is reaching the end of it’s useful life. It was an experience. I’ve never done it before and to be honest there seemed to be too much choice while also being too little choice. Those styles I liked in terms of feel weren’t in the colours that I really wanted and the range of different types of carpet was staggering. While leaving with some ideas of possible carpets, on getting home it was agreed that actually those colours wouldn’t work as it would leave the lounge very singular in colour and with a brown sofa, a brown carpet really isn’t going to work. Even colour wheels haven’t been much help as they say that brown is a mix of all three primary colours and therefore not on the wheel. I suspect I’ll be collecting a lot of samples over the next few weeks to see if I can find one that will work and just hope the right sort of carpet comes in that colour.