Day 208 – 27th July – Let it rain

Day 208 20180727

The heatwave is over, at least for a few days given the weather forecasts. We have had some rain and the temperature has dropped a bit. To be honest it hasn’t been a lot of rain and its not going to do much in terms of providing relief to the plant life that had probably started to wonder if it had been moved to a different planet. This relief has had a downside as well though, and with the clouds that have come with it, seeing the Blood Moon that was due tonight is now not going to happen.

Day 207 – 26th July – Chill Out Time

Day 207 20180726

We are officially now in a heat wave and the temperature (into the 30s) and the humidity have been making things unpleasant, especially at work were air con isn’t allowed due to the building being listed. As a result I have fallen back on an old ranch trick to stay cool. Soaking a bandana in cold water I’m wrapping it around my wrist and letting it cool the blood. It does work (for me anyway) and within about 30 mins I’m finding that I’m not feeling so hot.

Day 198 – 17th July – Walking on broken grass

Day 198 20180717

As I’ve mentioned before, we’ve been having a long hot spell with no rain at least where I am. While I am sure that it will recover, the lawn, as you can see is suffering. It’s gone past the brown stage and now starting to look more like hay than grass. It’s so dry that when I walk on it to get to other parts of the garden I hear it crush and crack underfoot.